Charms to Improve Networking Luck

Pine Cones

Pine cones are generally considered to be good luck symbols and they represent friendship.To bring more friends in to ones life displaying a bunch of pine cones facing the front door is considered to be effective. Besides creating a pleasing odor pine cones create a warm decor at home and can be effectively integrated into the home design.

Kwan Kung

Kwang Kung was a famous war general in China. He is very famous for his righteousness. He is still considered as a symbol of power, honesty, righteousness, scholastic ability, strength, integrity, and honor. Kwan Kung protects the innocent and defends the righteous. Place Him in the living rooms of the home facing outwards watching your maindoors as a symbol of protection against robbers and harmful people. If you are in business, Kwan Kung protects from fraud and embezzlement, promotes loyalty and ensures smooth sailing. Place a representation of Kwan Kung in the reception area facing outwards. It is believed that placing Kwan Kung behind you in the office will ensure that you will never lack support from important people. Placing a statue of Kwan Kung in the North West part of home or office will bring in the help of important people and trigger the very helpful mentor luck.