Tourmaline comes in different colors. The black tourmaline provides strong protection from negative energies, helps to reduce fears and neurosis. The pink tournaline promotes compassion, love and healing of emotional pain. Green tournaline cleanses and detoxifioes the spirit. Bluetournaline aids speech. Good words always keep a person out of trouble and hence the blue tourmaline is said to bring about mental peace and balance. Watermelon tourmaline heals old emotional pains and brings better understanding. Tourmaline is one of the gemstones that comes in a variety of fascinating colors that it sometimes feels like you are looking into a a keilodoscope. Tourmaline is found in many places all over the world. Sources include India, Italy, United States (Maine), Australia, Nepal and Burma.

Amethyst gemstone is believed to help its wearer from addictions and helps to channelize one's abilities in more positive ways.

Amethyst is basically a stone of the mind and is primarily used for meditation. Amethyst stone can also be used under the pillow to keep all bad dreams away. Amethyst usually comes in the coor purple but is also found in other shades like like violet, pink and grey. Amethyst is also considered as the birthstone of febraury born people. Amethyst is a form of expensive quartz and is found throughout the world. The presence of manganese gives this gemstone its purple color.

Agate is believed to protect its wearer from accidents and misfortunes and bestow longevity. It is a gemstone that promotes good dreams and peaceful thoughts. Because of its protective qualities this stone has a very special place in history. Agate comes in different forms - the Mexican agate also popularly called the one-eyed agate, the moss agate formed from weathered volcanic rocks, dendritic agate which has beautiful patterns, the rainbow agate, the carnelian agate, the Botswana agate, the plume agate, the tube agate, the fire agate to mention a few. Agate is also related to Chakra Seven that is associated with the flow of thought and Chakra Two associated with the stomach. Agate is the most common variety of quartz (Chalcedony). It is a very creatively shaped gemstone. The patterns on this stone resemble the patterns on a tree bark - in concentric circles with the successive layers almost parallel to the sides of the cavities of the volcanic rocks in which they occur. Agate is primarily mined in Brazil, Uruguay and in the United States. The stone can be artificially stained to produce more colorful combinations that are not present in its natural state. The cutting and staining of agate has long been done in Germany.