Good Luck Charms to Enhance Career Luck


The horse is an symbol for speed, perseverance and success. Place a representation of the horse in the south area of your home or office to experience a speedy climb to fame, recognition and success. The horse creates a positive energy and ensures that your talents and hard work gets acknowledged by the right people.

Dragon Tortoise

The dragon tortoise supporting a filial child represents strong support from management, parents, mentor and good descendant luck.

Place the Dragon Tortoise in the north sector of your home or business to activate the career luck that will ensure a long and successful work life with never ending support from your boss and a friendly workplace atmosphere with your colleagues. Also place a representation of the Dragin Tortoise at your work desk or behind your back at your work place to enjoy never ending promotion opportunities.


The Eagle is a majestic bird of prey and is symbol of opportunities. Place a representation of eagle in flight on your desk facing out. This means that you will be spending your efforts focusing on opportunities that will be beneficial for your career appetite.


Phoenix is the goddes of all the winged creatures. This heavenly bird provides the opportunity luck, magnifies chances of success in endeavours and paves the way for prosperity.
The Phoenix has the power to turn bad luck into good luck. It would carve out paths of opportunities for your business, work, career and all other pursuits of your life.

Placing a representation of phoenix in the south corner of the home or office will bring in a lot of recognition for the hardwork that you put into your career or business.


The Dragon is a mythical animal that represents sunrise, good beginnings and hope.
For career or business success, place a dragon behind you at work to ensure you are constantly improving and achieving your goals. The dragon will ensure that you to continue to grab all your opportunities, tackle all office politics and progress in your career. Having a dragon in any part of your home or office is auspicious as the dragon brings goodluck in all your endeavours.