Alphabet Numerology

Alphabet A

Alphabet A gives the desire to climb up the ladder of life map. A is the letter for ambition - ambition to be the leader. To be a leader one has to have a contagious enthusiasm that rubs on everyone around and makes them want to follow the leader. A is also the letter for Agressive, Adventerous and self-Absorbed. Alphabet A starts all projects, an indication of everything that begins.

Alphabet B

Alphabet B gives the capacity to keep the inner thoughts to oneself. B is for balance which means diplomacy, mediation and tact. Letter B has the ability to make everyone feel good. Letter B does not share its thoughts with everyone and can be percieved as shy. But letter B can be a store-house of knowledge. The world needs more of letter B for team playing, peace and unity

Alphabet C

Alphabet C is a letter of the mind. The letter C is generally very hard-working, sometimes always working and missing the point that rest is very much necessary. Letter C also indicates a certain restlessness in nature. The body may rest but the mind is always thinking . The energy flow in the letter C is friendly and is accepted by most other alphabets.

Alphabet D

Alphabet D is a letter of self-sufficiency and material prosperity. Letter D is a hard worker and exhibits a lot of patience. Letter D also has a wonderful sense of reality. Letter D exhibits a tendency to be slow, so letter D may not be your man of action. But if you are looking for someone solid as a rock who will be realiable D is the person to go to.

Alphabet E

Alphabet E has great powers. The upper stroke in E represents material outlook, the middle stroke represents mental outlook and the bottom stoke represents a spiritual outlook. Too much of letter E can cause restlessness. But E in adequate numbers indicates the ability to have a life where networking will come naturally and mentors will be available in plenty for guidance and support.

Alphabet F

Alphabet F is the letter of devotion. Letter F indicates a committment to be around for family - to protect, honor and cherish spouse and children. Letter F can be stubborn though and does not take critisism very easily. But if you need a pilalr of support in times of chaos and struggle, F is the letter to have around as F knows how to establish harmony like no one else.

Alphabet G

Alphabet G is a letter of deep thinking. Letter G finds success through its own inspiration. Though not one to mingle that easily letter G is very intuitive.

Alphabet H

Alphabet H is a letter of level-headedness. With two equal columns connected by a bridge, letter H is an alphabet of self-reliance.

Alphabet I

Alphabet I gives energy in the face of adversity. But letter I needs to focus to stay connected to its inner self as the letter can get distracted by what happens around it.

Alphabet J

Alphabet J signifies analytical powers. It gives the ability to access the pros and cons before taking a decision.

Alphabet K

Alphabet K is a letter of higher signifiances. Letter K understands that fact that life is filled with changes and mankind is always faced with one problem or he other. The key to survival is to find an answer to the problem.

Alphabet L

Alphabet L is a letter of common sense. L is for logic and original thinking.

Alphabet M

Alphabet M is the letter of ups and downs. Letter M is for magic, management and moodiness. M is also the letter that makes up the powerful yet calming mantra OM. Letter M has deeper meanings and a higher vibrations.

Alphabet N

Alphabet N is the letter for change and movement. Letter N is a team player and is very forward in thinking.

Alphabet O

Alphabet O is a letter of all that is complete. Letter O has the tendency to keep itself locked away from the outside world. Due to this characteristic letter O may hold a lot of secrets. Some may find letter O to be very secretive in its outlook.

Alphabet P

Alphabet P is a letter of composture. Even in difficult times letter P is said to hold on to its calmness and get affected by the vibrations surrounding it.

Alphabet Q

Alphabet Q is the letter of fixed opinions. Letter Q stands for the power to stand up for what it feels is right which gives it the determination to fight till it succeeds.

Alphabet R

Alphabet R is a letter humanitarian causes. Letter R is your helper and mediator. Letter R understands and tolerates which gives it a tremendous ability to assist others.

Alphabet S

Alphabet S is a letter of silent but influencing leadership. Letter S is independent and courageous and finds a soothing way to get what it needs to be done by gaining the co-operation of the people around it.

Alphabet T

Alphabet T is a letter of peaceful expression. Letter T stands for Teacher. T is patient and helpful. T shares and is sincere.

Alphabet U

Alphabet U is a letter of changing attitude. Seeking the truth is always of prime importance to the letter U due to which it can doubt its own confidence. Letter U seeks to find the connection between spirituality and materialism.

Alphabet V

Alphabet V is a letter of discretion. Letter V is the convergence of two strokes which gives it the ability to hold vast knowledge that it can channelize in dynamic ways.

Alphabet W

Alphabet W is a letter of thoroughness. But letter W indicates the tendency to attempt doing many things and can get confused. But with the maturity of age and experience letter W has the power to come up very well.

Alphabet X

Alphabet X is a letter of conservative outlook. Letter X is an important letter that holds a certain charms which makes it very attractive.

Alphabet Y

Alphabet Y is a letter of inner peace and psychic abilities. Letter Y indicates a desire for solitude and is a very private letter.

Alphabet Z

Alphabet Z is a letter of resoluteness. Letter Z holds a vast amount of willpower and self-confidence. Once a decision is made letter Z may not deviate from the course.