What does it take to find a soul-mate?

With a flurry of dating websites out there on the internet are people really finding their soul mate? What does it take to know that a person is the THE one? Sometimes there is a lot of physical chemistry that keeps the relationship going. Sometimes when a relationship is comfortable people are reluctant to get out of it even though all the fireworks might have long gone out of the equation.

So, what do we do when we search for a soul-mate? Most of us compare the prospect we meet to someone we know growing up admiring or not really liking. We all have a script in our mind that kicks-in when looking for a soul-mate. Most of us do not get the chance to meet a whole range of personalities when we are growing up. Some are really lucky enough to be a part of a huge family where people are always interfering “in a good sort of way” in each other’s lives. So individuals from such families get plenty of chances to interact with uncles, aunts, first cousins, second cousins and many more personalities in the family. But for the most of us, our cherished blessings are limited, our beloved families filled with multiple issues affect us in varying degrees and our life events that we are forced to play a part of as a child gets recorded in the mental script that we use to look for our soul-mate.

Astrology websites like us offer horoscope matching to see if two people are compatible. For those of you who wonder what a horoscope is, it is basically a mathematical chart that we cast based on your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth (this gives the lattitude and longitude needed for our calculations). Does horoscope matching really lead you to your soul-mate? No one can guarantee the results, but it is a method that is used hugely in the East to find out if two indiviuals are right for each other.

Relationships are unpredictable. We are influenced by so many events and people both in the present and from the past. Life is always changing. But fundamental principle is that all zodiac signs have the power to believe in life, love, in second chances and miracles. As long as this thing called BELIEF is around, the chances are that you will find your soul-mate. Believe!

Peace and Love!