Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius is a very masculine sign and is the ninth sign of the zodiac. People belonging to Sagittarous are very freedom loving and seek challenge and exploration.

The ruling planet of Scorpio is Jupiter. In Astrology Jupiter is believed to be the planet optimism, good fortune and abundance.

This zodiac sign is all exploring distant places and does not favor personal committments. The opposing sign to Sagittarius is Gemini which is about personal expression.

Sagittarians are prone to all ailments related to the liver, hips and thighs.

The birthstone of Sagittarius is Turquoise, which is said to improve speech and communication.

Sagittarius Subdivisions: Decanates of Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

The first Subdivision / Decanate of Sagittarius (0 degrees to 10 degrees)
From November 22nd to December 1st:
Ruler: Jupiter
Attributes: Pursuit of knowledge, high ideals, people-pleaser, believer in the freedom to express

The second Subdivision / Decanate of Sagittarius (10 degrees to 20 degrees)
From December 2nd to December 11th:
Ruler: Jupiter
Sub – Ruler: Mars
Attributes: Brave, takes life head on, influential, efficient, independent

The third Subdivision / Decanate of Sagittarius (20 degrees to 30 degrees)
From December 12th to December 21st:
Ruler: Jupiter
Sub – Ruler: Sun
Attributes: Intelligence, intuitive, deep, enjoys travelling, cultured, social